We offer you an integral service: Printed and manipulated production from start to finish

What processes do we cover in Salpe?
In Salpe we offer a full service of layout, study and production of your packaging under strict monitoring in each of our departments


We prepare the dies and developments of your packaging and advise you on the materials to use for your POS or for your folding.


At your service we offer 16 printing units in two sizes, with offset or UVI inks, to print up to 6 colours on graphic cards, corrugated board, folding and recycled, polyester and paper.

Gluing on corrugated board

We countersink carton board on paperboard, and cardboard on corrugated (micro channel, channel 3, channel 5, etc.)

Die cutting

4 die-cutting lines to shape your creations, cuts, creases and reliefs


All types of boxes, linear, Swiss, automatic, four points and six points


Varnishes (matt and gloss), film (matte, gloss, soft-touch, anti-scratch, polyester), contrasts (UVI screen printing), stampings, dry relief, etc.